The value of our program is enhanced by the amazing volunteers that help support our mission. Our volunteers are a valuable part of the success of our program.
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Every day, Club Support Volunteers work to assist in our important educational programming, helping BGCD achieve its mission to empower all youth.

Power Prep volunteers meet with selected youth, based on grades, discussions with teachers and parents, who need a more focused individual, 1:1 tutoring session(s) to help boost their academic performance, study skills, and build their confidence and self-esteem. We match volunteers with youth so that both can grow a similar bond of trust and belonging.

We encourage volunteers to meet each week with their Club kid matches, for at least two forty-five-minute sessions until that child no longer needs individual tutoring.

Once a volunteer’s Club child “graduates” from the Power Prep program, a new child can be assigned to the program. An initial conversation with Club Administration is important in first matching the availability and desires of the volunteer, with the needs of the Club and youth. We always want to make sure that both parties are satisfied with the plan.

Other volunteer opportunities where you can share your expertise or passions in different Club programs during the school year & summer, as professional career building speakers, building & ground maintenance, fundraising activities & events, Board of Directors or Board committees, are welcome and needed to be successful in our Club mission! 

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